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Adglink.com became a sponsor of RUSSIAN BLOCKCHAIN WEEK 2018

Adglink.com became a sponsor of RUSSIAN BLOCKCHAIN WEEK 2018

5 days of immersion in the industry of block-technologies and crypto-currency, for which you will receive knowledge and communication for which the years will pass.
Place of power for all who are interested in block-technologies and crypto-economics
6 types of activities during the week on one site
A whole week of events with reports of top experts, networking-parties, master classes and presentations of dozens of block projects.
Dozens of talented developers will compete for the prize money and community recognition in the largest blockhouse hackaton in the CIS
Hackaton topics:
Blockchain-solutions for business
Security on the blockchain
Cross Country
Logistic solutions
Really useful content. A lot of.
Come to the conference and choose those sections and reports that will be useful for solving your business problems.
The main topics of the community are the best RBV 2018
Crypto-currencies: investments and trading
Capital, which works: a stream for investors, funds and traders of different levels of training. The most famous failures of traders and work on mistakes. 10 golden rules of the crypto-investor. What are the prerequisites for an economic bubble (was Dotkomovsky, when crypto-currency)? What kind of portfolio to form a beginner and professional in 2018?

Block for business
Development, implementation and cases of blocking solutions for medium and large businesses. A review of existing block projects and cases in Russian and international companies. What is exclusive blocking for corporations? How much does the development team in the state really cost?
and for hire. Comparison of platforms for business tasks: Ethereum, R3 Corda, Fabric, Hyperledger.

A thorough analysis of the new model of fundraising: marketing, legal framework, models of monetization. Market ICO Version_2017 year has died. In 2018, the ICO sphere is awaiting cardinal changes - as in the legal field, and in terms of approaches to the withdrawal of its project to the ICO.

Block-development: innovations and trends
Flow for developers and IT professionals. Programming, architecture, solutions and security for block projects. Choice of frameworks, platforms and programming languages.

Financial Technologies
IT solutions in the financial industry: change or die. Blockchain, agile, big data and neural networks in a financial institution - implement or die? How much can you save on the cost of transactions by transferring them to the blockbuster? Is the blockade the killer of banks or how to lead a new technological boom.

Legal practice
Cases and solutions to legal issues for all participants of the crypto-market. When will the draft law of the Ministry of Finance in Russia on the crypto currency be implemented? Legalization of Crypto-currency in Belarus - this is true. In which jurisdiction is it safe and inexpensive to conduct an ICO? Responsibility for violation of KYC or AML procedures. How to invest big capital in crypto-currencies and protect your interests.

Pitch projects
Pitch and Lynch ICO projects at all. No concessions for projects, only real investors in the jury and the audience who can vote.
Ready to compete for the title of the best ICO project on RBW 2018? To you here!

Mining and equipment
Mining, as a business, acquires an industrial scale. How to build a system project? How to avoid problems when importing equipment? Software for management of mining, optimization, development of mining rigs. And also the legislation for miners - is it true that now we have to pay taxes?

Master classes
The format of training on real cases
from the holders of knowledge. Intensive 2-hour immersion in individual topics with practice from practitioners. Themes of master classes: development of smart contracts, arbitration between exchanges for traders, analysis of technologies of TOP-20 coins.

Everything you need to know about blocking technology and crypto-currencies. Learn how millions earn on this: get inspirational ideas
and find new opportunities for business development.

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