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Adglink.com became the sponsor of the Blockchain Founder Hackathon

Adglink.com became the sponsor of the Blockchain Founder Hackathon

Blockchain Founder Hackathon to be held in Moscow March 31-April 1

Hackaton for developers of block projects

Each participant can act as an author and voice his idea from the scene, or you can just join the team and the author that you liked.

On the hakaton every team will have 2 minutes to voice the idea of ​​the project from the scene.

The size of the team - More than 2 less than 4 participants. You will have about 1 hour to collect the team. If the author of the idea has not assembled a team, the project is disbanded by other teams.

All participants at the start participate independently (outside the teams, even if you came with friends), the team builds only during the hackathon.
Within the framework of the Blockchain Founder, we organize hakatons - short team competitions, with the participation of a jury and experts. Winners receive prizes from our partners.

At the end of the training in Demo Day, which is visited by investors, teachers, participants of past sets and all comers. Teams present their projects and results - what they managed to do in these 10 weeks.

Details of the hackaton can be found by clicking on the link