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Adglink support the Blockchain Revolution

Adglink support the Blockchain Revolution

Is Blockchain Revolution the 2nd Generation of The Internet?
Is Blockchain Technology part of the 4th industrial revolution?
How would blockchains change Asia, and the rest-of-the-world?
How could blockchain alter the future of global economy and humanity?

 Technological innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud technology, Internet of Things, new materials, augmented reality, nanotechnology, biotechnology and the mobile economy have established themselves very quickly over the last few years and have now became the key elements of the commercial and social economy.Blockchain is another most promising disruptive technology of the future. The global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 411.5 million in 2017 to USD 7,683.7 million by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 79.6%, with 36 sectors hopping onto the blockchain bandwagon.The Blockchain Solution Asia 2018 (BSA2018) is set to provide the answers for organizations to better understand the impact of Blockchain Revolution and its technological advances on their business models and operating processes in order for them to adapt themselves to this new world technology-led order.

Blockchain Revolution: The Future of Economy and Humanity


Blockchain Explained: Industry Application, Regulatory Framework and Risk Assessment

Blockchain Infrastructure and Development

Blockchain - Enabled Funding and Financing System: A Paradigm Shift In Capital Raising And Project Financing

A Game Changer for The Banking and Insurance Industry?

Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Sector

The Driver of Transformational Change In The Energy Sector

Revolutionizing The Healthcare Sector

The Defining Factor of Smart Cities For Building And Transportation Sectors


Hear and learn from exclusive visionary blockchain experts on industrial-based applications & enterprise implementation of blockchain solutions

Engage with the industry's leading solution providers unveiling the latest blockchain tech

Get inspired by quality content that offers cutting edge 'how-to' approach in deploying blockchain solutions across 6-focused industries 

Exceptional opportunities to exchange insights with peers and deep-dive into topics through hive of events

Network and connect with industry's most progressive professionals across industries like financial services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, construction and transportation sectors



FS1 - Blockchain - Enabled Funding and Financing System


FS2 - Blockchain - the Game Changer for The Banking and Insurance


FS3 - Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Sector 


FS4 - Blockchain - The Driver of Transformational Change In The Energy Sector


FS5 - Revolutionizing The Healthcare Sector


FS6 - Blockchain as The Defining Factor of Smart Cities for Building and Transportation 

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