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Adglink sponsored TOKENOMICS

Adglink sponsored TOKENOMICS

Conference announcement: 2 day deep dive into international token-based economy

On May 23-24th 2018 at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) will be organized a two day conference titled “TOKENOMICS: token-based economy in a nutshell”.  TOKENOMICS is the first event in Europe that will gather more than 500 blockchain ecosystem stakeholders together. There will be crypto-exchanges, governmental regulators, traders, crypto-funds and startups from over 10 different countries including the USA, China, Singapore, Israel, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belarus.

In this occasion we will present the results of researches regarding a the history of community and utility tokens and their connection with the current models.

Emil Yakubov, CEO at Koin.vc and Alex Kostenko, head of business development at EXMO will talk about the dark side of trading or what are the real rules of listing and delisting on crypto exchanges.

Now that policy makers around the world are drawing up regulations on everything from exchanges to initial coin offerings, keeping track of what is legal has become more challenging. The rules differ dramatically by country which brings chaos among blockchain entrepreneurs and investors. And this is why the closing part of the conference is about governmental regulations. You will hear a wide range of opinions on how best to regulate the space from the representatives of Malta, Lithuania, Belarus, Switzerland, Singapore, China.
“With rough estimation of the crypto market size of 420 billion US dollars it is impossible to ignore the new reality. We do believe that decentralized token based economy has almost become a standard. That’s why today we make an effort to gather like-minded people and get ready to the inevitability,” says Anton Zanimonets, CEO of Iskander.vc, the TOKENOMICS conference organizer.
Please, contact Maria Spiring,  CОО Iskander.Events, for more details: mob: +370 646 12334 Email: ms@iskander.vc http://iskander.events/

Additional information
About the conference venue
Tokenomics conference will take place at the Tallinn University of Technology. It is the third highest ranking university in the Baltic states. Founded in 1918 the institution is the oldest engineering and technical university in Estonia. We hope you will enjoy the atmosphere of the venue which has a motto “With wisdom and hands”.

About the organizer
Iskander.events, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, is a brunch of Iskander holding company, operating since 2012.
We hold a number of educational and networking events to bring value to the community and connect entrepreneurs with investors, developers and governmental organizations interested in building a decentralised economy together.