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Adglink becomes HollyWoodCoin Company's Partner

Adglink becomes HollyWoodCoin Company's Partner

A new player flying through the clouds

HollyWoodCoin Company the developers of HWC released a currency capable to exceed the giants of the crypto-currency market.
As developres declare HollyWoodCoin is a currency  created to solve many moviemaking problems .  As Bitcoin HWC  is a decentralized Crypto currency  but it has the  subsequent mining.

Even  today this project possesses the  huge working functionality and international partners: the updated site, an affiliate program that allows the participants  to earn HWC, an online cinema. Soon the  mobile wallet with QR codes will be released. It was developed to deal with  daily needs. Since the new year, more than 10 new business ideas have been implemented and  the company team discharge them in promised terms.

This project caught the interest of the largest company  providing rendering services all over the world using the most powerful supercomputer on the planet: SUNWAY TAIHULIGHT.  As an example of its capabilities, let’s run back to the movie "Avatar"  where rendering process took more than a year while using  a supercomputer SUNWAY TAIHULIGHT this time could be reduced to a few weeks. A long-term cooperation  agreement was signed between these organizations in May 2018. , The supercomputer  power and the developed concept of HollyWoodCoin will help to solve many development  problems  and resolve  issues in media and film industry. Thereby HWC as a currency becomes a tough competitor for other popular currencies.

Having achieved excellent results, HollyWoodCoin team continues to evolve (2 offices were opened in different parts of the world in  less than half a year). Therefore HWC is growing more popular by the day.
 Hollywood celebrity Jean-Colas Prunie, known for his roles in such films as "The Lord of the Rings", "X-men", “Guardians of the galaxy”, has already joined our partner staff and together with HollyWoodCoin they are preparing another major project.

Having an exclusive interview with the development team, we can conclude: "HollyWoodCoin is not just a commercial project, it's the whole world for business, for people, for entertainment" - the words of the developers rest us assured that the project has the correctly developed concept.