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Adglink becomes Blockchain Community summit's Partner

Adglink becomes Blockchain Community summit's Partner

Blockchain Community Summit – is a unique event in the field of block and crypto currency that combines theoretical information presented in simple and understandable language and practical skills of working in this market from leading practitioners of blockades. The information obtained will teach you how to navigate quickly in the field of crypto-currencies and monetize your knowledge with the maximum result.

The participants of the conference will learn: how to start, how to operate the crypto-currency market and will receive invaluable experience from leading professionals. Immediately after the conference, each participant will be able to become a full member of the community’s blockbuster and monetize their knowledge in this interesting and fast-growing market!

Objectives of the event

Acquaintance with the latest trends in the market of Crypto-currency and ICO, informing in an accessible form about the opportunities for earning money in this market, the possibilities of attracting investors to new promising projects or personal business.

Organization of the conference

The event is organized by the first Russian cryptographic center “BLOK” and is held in the Business Center “Novospassky” (Moscow, Derbenevskaya emb. 7, p.12) from 9.30 to 21.00.

Participants who book a seat at the conference before June 15 receive a 50% discount from the “Basic” or “Premium” package price.

Conference participants

A participant can become any person who is interested in economics and block technologies in order to earn money on the market of crypto-currencies and to implement bold ideas through ICO.

During the conference, consultations and master classes, presentations by practicing lawyers in the sphere of turnover of crypto-currencies, founders of projects in the crypto industry, investment managers with unique experience of work and investment are planned.

Conference program

The event is organized on the principle “from theory to practice”. In the Conference Area, lectures, discussions, discussions of real examples and cases on working with the crypto currency and ICO investment are held.

Throughout the conference there is an exhibition of interesting projects and start-ups, where each participant can get acquainted with them and possibly become a partner or an investor.

Features of the participants

The main value of the conference is communication with those who not only know how to earn money independently, but also are ready to share their progressive knowledge with others.

The event is aimed at both beginners and those who are already familiar with the blockbuster market and its prospects. The first is the opportunity to get the most out of the market efficiently, taking into account the state of the Russian economy and legislation, the second is to obtain up-to-date information and the latest trends for solving emerging problems. To do this, practical materials and recommendations are used, market analytics in the most accessible forms – diagrams, tables, infographics.

Expected Result

Maximum involvement of business representatives, investors, practitioners, ordinary listeners.

Getting qualified advice on the legal aspects of regulation in the field of detachments; with existing, developing and promising projects; getting help in properly investing finance.

Popularization of information on developments in the field of integration into the business of crypto-currencies and blocking systems.